Hacking on yaybuΒΆ

If you are going to hack on Yaybu please stop by IRC and say hi! We are on OFTC in #yaybu.

The source code is available on GitHub - please fork it and send us pull requests!

The main components you might want to hack on are:

yaybu The main app. You’ll need to change this to add new CLI subcommands or add new Parts. yay The configuration language runtime. You will need to change this to improve parsing, the runtime graph, file transports, etc. yaybu.app This contains a small OSX application and build scripts to package Yaybu for OSX. You will probably need to fork this to fix OSX specific bugs.

To get a development environment with required dependencies:

virtualenv .
./bin/pip install -r requirements.txt

NOTE: Currently the testrunner will try and run a set of integration tests against an ubuntu chroot. These tests are only run on ubuntu systems with the following packages installed:

sudo apt-get install fakechroot fakeroot debootstrap cowdancer

To run the test:


Then write a configuration file called Yaybufile:

And run it with:

./bin/yaybu up
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